Social inclusion and environmental responsibility

Effect Sport promotes environmental responsibility and social inclusion in several of its projects.
The agency’s goal is to help building a fair society with a cleaner environment.

Pro Criança Cardíaca

For the past 6 years, the project King and Queen of the Sea, promoted by Effect Sport, has been donating 10% of its profits to the Pro Criança Cardíaca institution that provides assistance and surgeries for cardiac children that are unable to afford treatment.  The participants of the event are also encouraged to donate food for this institution that has as a goal offering the best treatment for the children that suffer with a heart disease.


In each edition of the Fast Lane event, a day before the competition, the athletes dedicate an entire afternoon to visit a swimming school at a local community, bringing happiness and motivation to the local kids. In this event, donations of swimming gear and equipment are made to the school and the kids get to take pictures and get autographs from the athletes. The organizers of the event also invite kids from different communities to attend the event, providing transportation and giving them the opportunity to see their idols in action and to have an unforgettable experience.

Social Hosiery

Malharia Social is a company that produces clothing and provides stamping services; it is located inside a state prison for women in Florianopolis, SC. The project offers professionalizing programs, provides jobs and a source of income to the women while incarcerated. The project also helps these women to get back in the job market once they get out of prison. Effect Sport chose the products from Malharia Social to keep contributing with the project, and inserting social responsibility in its events. Malharia Social manufactures the King and Queen of the Sea t-shirts provided to all participants.

Light Recicla

The sustainable project Light Recicles acts in several local communities providing families with the opportunity to exchange recycled material for a discount in the electric bill. In each King and Queen of the Sea, recycled bags are distributed among the participants so they can help out cleaning up the beaches of Rio. The revenue is transferred to COOPCAL, a cooperative that handles all the waste at a local community.


Effect Sport also maintains a partnership with the Cooperative of garbage collectors from Complexo do Alemão, a local community, for every King and Queen of the Sea event. During the event, the garbage left on the sand is collected by members of the cooperative and sent to be recycled. PET bottles, aluminum and paper are recycled while the organic waste is destined to composting. 100% of the revenue is destined to COOPCAL. The King and Queen of the Sea event also bears the costs for transportation of all material.

Rio I Love I Care

Effect Sport supports environmental awareness projects like Rio I Love I Care. It is a voluntary social movement that brings awareness to Cariocas and Rio lovers about the significance of small gestures that can transform Rio de Janeiro in a better place to live and visit. (

Praia para Todos

The institute Faz Sport, in partnership with Praia para Todos (Beach for All) and Effect Sport, encourages the integration of people with special needs into the nature and sports. Current world champion swimmers are invited to witness the athletes with special needs in contact with the ocean. Besides the integration process, the organizers provide adapted equipment donations according to the project’s needs. Praia para Todos project meets the necessities of over 50 people a day throughout the beaches where it acts in Rio de Janeiro. (

Run for Life Institute

Effect Sport promotes the partnership between the King and Queen of the Sea event and Instituto Correr pela Vida, providing free application for athletes that are part of the project Talentos da Corrida. With the mission of disseminating and encouraging the practice of running as a sports social integration and development, the project Talentos da Corrida is open for people from the local communities that are interested in the sport. The project provides the athletes with the opportunity to compete in local, state and national levels.

Training Course

The Training Course for the staff in local communities is promoted by Instituto Correr pela Vida, Instituto Faz Sport and Effect Sport. The project was created with the goal of providing people with professional specialization so they can work at major sporting events. The course is taught by Professor Cesar Couto at the communities of Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira. When graduated from the course, the staff is hired to work at the projects promoted by the agency, specially at the King and Queen of the Sea event. In each event, approximately, 100 people are hired from the program.