Craques do Futevôlei

For its inaugural edition, Craques do Futevôlei saw A list Brazilian celebrities and professional footvolley athletes flock to the golden sands of the idyllic Copacabana Beach on the 14th and 15th of January 2017 for a truly mesmerizing sporting spectacle. 16 pairs took part in the men’s and women’s competitions on the Saturday, cheered on by 1500 adoring fans packed into the area.

Sunday’s event featured renowned celebrities such as the UFC fighter Jose Aldo, the actor Jose Loreto, the journalist and comedian Felipe Andreoli, the musician Leandro Sapucahy; the former players Aldair, Alex Dias, Elano and Felipe (Maestro); Eminent professional footvolley players Anderson Águia, Léo Tubarão, Eduardinho, Isael, Vinícius, Bello, Tatá and Rodrigo ET, also lit up the sands of Copacabana leaving the 1500 onlookers in the crowd marveling at their stunning flair and scintillating display of skill.

Craques do Futevôlei was broadcast live across Brazil on Sportv on Saturday and, on Sunday, on Globo TV as part of the EsporteEspectacular series.

The matches were knockout and decided either within 15 minutes or when one team reached 18 points. Aces and bicycle kicks earned the players 2 points. Organized by Effect Sport.