Nike Seleção Aterro

In 2013, the donation of 8 soccer fields at Aterro do Flamengo was made by Nike and intermediated by Effect Sport. The agency was also responsible by managing the construction and production of the opening event. This was the starting point for the subsequent creation of Seleção Aterro.

This innovative project focuses totally in promoting opportunities to kids from several different local communities that have as a dream to become a professional soccer player. The group meets 3 times a week to practice their technique, learn tactics and improve physical condition. All the gear and equipment is provided by Nike.


Seleção Aterro project is completely integrated with the Nike Academy, located in London, where those that stand out in Rio get the opportunity to go and show what they are made of in a global meeting in which athletes from all over the world get together.


The winners have the chance to stay and participate of a training period that could last from one month to one year, depending on the athlete’s performance. The athletes also have the opportunity of showing their ability in friendly matches with major soccer teams all over the world.